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Legends Academy

Legends Academy is a Christian based Private Primary School situated in Horison, Roodepoort. We accommodate Grades 1 through to Grade 7. Legends Academy is a small Private school as we there are 16 pupils maximum per a classroom. This allows for close counter relationships. We believe that by having a smaller group, we as teachers, have a much better understanding of your child’s abilities and can track your child’s development more efficiently. 

This makes sure that no child is left behind in work or understanding which happens often in bigger groups. From a student’s perspective, this provides the opportunity for your child to have our full attention when it comes to teaching and assistance. We form strong relationships with our students which allows them to have the confidence to come forth and inform the teachers when your child has difficulty grasping concepts or needs our help. 

Our smaller groups allow the space and time for your child to grow and flourish and not be ignored or overshadowed by other children. The children grow together and form great friendships with their fellow classmates. 

Legend Academy

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